Managing table structure

The structure of a table means its columns and rows and cells.

To insert or delete columns or rows:

  1. Select one or more columns or rows
  2. Right-click and choose Insert or Delete.


    Click the Table menu and select from the Insert or Delete menus.

To rearrange columns or rows, you can either:

  • Drag-and-drop. Select a column or row. Position your mouse pointer on top of the selected column or row. Drag the selection and drop it at the beginning of another column or row.
  • Use Cut and Paste. Select a column or row. Right-click and choose Cut. Select the column or row you want to insert the cut column before. Right-click and choose Paste Rows/Columns.

To merge or split cells, columns or rows:

  1. Select the cell(s), column(s) or row(s) you wish to merge or split.
  2. Right-click and choose the Split or Merge command.


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