Manage links - 01 Nov 2007

When you have linked objects in a document or presentation, the Edit → Links command becomes available. The command will only be available after your document contains links. You can use it to manage links.

  • Choose Edit ? Links.

In this command, your options will typically include:

  • Change Source: If the source (original) is renamed or moved, you must redirect the destination (link) to the new name or location.
  • Break Link: Breaking a link will paste the linked object in its current state into the destination document -- just like a normal "Copy & Paste" -- and updates will no longer continue.
  • Update behavior: Often you will be able to select whether a link is updated automatically or manually, and (if manual update is selected) initiate an update.
  • Locking a link: the option to lock a link will prevent a link from updating until it is unlocked.
There is no easy way to tell if one file is linked into other files.
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