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Long-Distance Jamming

Say you live in Los Angeles, and the friends you love to jam with live in Seattle, New York, and Miami. Or you’re in New York, and your songwriting partner is on tour in Europe. How can you rehearse when your band mates live in Nashville, Denver, and Chicago? How can you make music together when you’re so far away? You need eJamming.

Just plug any MIDI-enabled instrument into your computer, fire up the eJamming Station, and you’re connected to your friends, making music together over the Internet in real time, no matter whether they live 3000 miles away. eJamming lets everybody hear what everybody else is playing at each location in sync, in real-time, or as close to real time as the laws of physics allow.

After you hit your keys, strum your guitar string, or strike your drum skin, eJamming algorithms delay the sounding of your instrument until you receive music data from your fellow eJammers. The delay can be as little as 15 milliseconds (within a city) to 25-40 milliseconds (for a jam separated by 1500 miles) to 40-50 milliseconds (cross country).

You can rehearse together, get together to write new songs, or just play for fun without worrying about lugging around your equipment or waiting for band members to get back in town. You don’t even have to be in the same time zone. With the eJamming Station, only you and your band mates can hear what you’re playing, so your music is kept private and protected. You can talk to each other, record your jam, play it back with all the nuance and pitch bends in place, add vocals locally, export the music data to your favorite editing and mixing software, or even exchange your recordings with your friends.

eJamming is available for a monthly subscription of $19.95 for unlimited eJamming, 24/7.

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