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Learning Through Discussion

The Internet has many technology-oriented discussion boards and forums, but finding the best ones can be difficult. Although you want an online community with knowledgeable participants, you'll also want to make sure it has enough members to guarantee lively discussion. Use your favorite search engine to find an online discussion board relevant to your needs. Or, as a start, check out the following technical forums:

  • The Windows & .NET Magazine forums (—These forums are among the most popular on the Internet for discussing topics related to various Microsoft technologies.
  • forums (—Originally highlighting training and certification, these forums have developed into a much broader technical resource. The informal atmosphere lets people who are new to IT ask questions without feeling intimidated.
  • Brainbuzz/CramSession (—These active discussion forums cover a wide range of topics. The most popular forums are certification-related, but the site contains many noncertification forums as well.
  • The University of Phoenix's MC MCSE forum (—This forum is a relatively new but promising training and certification discussion board.
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