JSI Tip 9970. How can I set the shortname of a file or folder?

Fsutil.exe can set the short file name of a file or folder.

NOTE: For Windows 2000, you can install Fsutil.exe from a Windows XP CD, or Windows Server 2003 CD.

The syntax for setting a short file name is:

fsutil file setshortname <filename> <shortname>


<filename>  is the fully qualifed long file name of the file or folder.

<shortname> is the 8.3 short name of the <filename> file or folder.


To set the short name of the C:\Documents and Settings\Jerry\My Documents folder, which defaults to MYDOCU~1, to MYDOCS:

fsutil file setshortname "C:\Documents and Settings\Jerry\My Documents" MYDOCS

To set the shortname of "C:\Documents and Settings\Jerry\My Documents\Blank Shipping Labels.doc", which defaults to BLANKS~1.DOC, to SHIPLBL.DOC:

fsutil file setshortname "C:\Documents and Settings\Jerry\My Documents\Blank Shipping Labels.doc" SHIPLBL.DOC

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