JSI Tip 9906. A new version of ADFIND freeware has many useful options.

A new version of ADFind.exe freeware has many useful options.

I specially like the -oao and -csv options.

As a demonstration of usefulness, I have re-written the PubPrint.bat script to contain:

@echo off
set qry=ADFIND -default -nodn -csv -csvdelim ; -nocsvheader -f "(objectClass=printQueue)" shortServerName  printShareName printerName location portName serverName driverName distinguishedName
for /f "Tokens=1-8 Delims=;" %%a in ('%qry%') do (
 @echo %%a;%%b;%%c;%%d;%%e;%%f;%%g;%%h
PubPrint.bat used to contain:
@echo off
set qry=ADFIND -default -nodn -f "(objectClass=printQueue)" distinguishedName printerName printShareName portName driverName location shortServerName serverName
for /f "Skip=3 Tokens=1* Delims=:" %%a in ('%qry%') do (
 set p1=%%a
 set p2=%%b
 call :attr
goto :EOF
set p1=%p1:~1,6%
set p2=%p2:~1%
if "%p1%" EQU "distin" set dn=%p2%&goto :EOF
if "%p1%" EQU "locati" set loc=%p2%&goto :EOF
if "%p1%" EQU "server" set sn=%p2%&goto :EOF
if "%p1%" EQU "portNa" set port=%p2%&goto :EOF
if "%p1%" EQU "driver" set drvr=%p2%&goto :EOF
if "%p1%" EQU "printS" set shr=%p2%&goto :EOF
if "%p1%" EQU "printe" set prtn=%p2%&goto :EOF
if "%p1%" EQU "shortS" goto srvsn
goto :EOF
set srvsn=%p2%
@echo "%srvsn%";"%shr%";"%prtn%";"%loc%";"%port%";"%sn%";"%drvr%";"%dn%"
set shr=
set loc=
set port=

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