JSI Tip 9570. CompName.exe freeware renames a computer, and more.

Download CompName.exe.

NOTE: If you rename a domain computer, you must use NETDOM.EXE from the Support Tools on the CD-ROM to rejoin the domain.

When you type compname /? in a CMD.EXE window, you receive:

Displays SMBIOS information and changes/displays the computer name.

Compname v0.6  Copyright Oli Restorick ([email protected]), 2002.
This is beta software.  Use at your own risk.
Uses Mitec SysInfo by Michal Mutl (www.mitec.d2.cz).
Portions of this software are Copyright (c) 1993 - 2002, Chad Z. Hower (Kudzu)
and the Indy Pit Crew - http://www.nevrona.com/Indy/

COMPNAME \[/c name | /d \[template\] | /s\]

  /c\[hange\]    Changes the computer name to the one specified.
  /d\[isplay\]   Displays the computer name.
  /s\[mbios\]    Displays the serial number information from SMBIOS.
  name         New computer name.  Only valid with the /c option.
               This may contain macros; see below.
  template     When used in conjuction with /d, displays the evaluated name.
               Templates will normally contain macros; see below.

The following macros are valid in the name or template.
?s = System serial number.              ?c = Chassis serial number.
?b = Mainboard serial number.
?a = The first populated number from system, chassis and mainboard numbers.
Press \[enter\] for more...
?u = System UUID                        ?U = Fake UUID (24 zeros plus MAC).
?G = If System UUID is FFFF... or 0000... or null it uses ?U, otherwise ?u.
?i, ?j, ?k, ?l            = 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th octets of IP (decimal).
?I, ?J, ?K, ?L            = 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th octets of IP (hex).
?d = Hostname found by reverse DNS lookup of IP address.
?m = First MAC address.                 ?e = Existing NetBIOS computer name.
?D = day    ?M = month    ?Y = year
?1, ?2, ?3, ..., ?0       = 1, 2, 3, ..., 10 random alphanumeric characters.

COMPNAME /d           Displays the NetBIOS computer name.
COMPNAME /d ?s        Displays the system serial number.
COMPNAME /s           Displays system summary information.
COMPNAME /c jupiter   Changes computer name to "jupiter".
COMPNAME /c acme-?s   Changes computer name to "acme-ABCDEF" where
                      ABCDEF is the system serial number.
* You can simply replace a /c switch with a /d switch to check the name.
* If the name (after macro expansion) is longer than 15 characters,
  then the NetBIOS name will be truncated, but the DNS name (on Windows
  2000 and above) will be the full length.  This may break some applications.
* The following characters (and spaces) are invalid and removed automatically:
  \ * + = | : ; " ?  ,
* The _ character gets translated to - to avoid DNS name problems.
* This program does not rename the computer's domain account.
If you find this program useful in a business environment, please consider
making a small donation using PayPal.

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