JSI Tip 9411. How can I add a /? command to a programs context menu when I right-click the .EXE in Windows Explorer?

To add a /? to the right-click context menu that Windows Explorer presents for an .EXE file:

1. Copy / Paste the following into an empty Notepad.exe window:


@="CMD /K \"%1\" %* /?"

2. Save the file as clhelp.txt.

3. Open a CMD.EXE windows.

4. Type the following command and press Enter:

regedit /s clhelp.txt

5. Delete the clhelp.txt file.

6. Close the CMD.EXE window.

NOTE: To add a /? when you right-click other executable files, use the following clhelp.txt file:



@="CMD /K \"%1\" %* /?"



@="CMD /K \"%1\" %* /?"

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