JSI Tip 9342. When you run OneNote 2003 on a Terminal Server client, the colors for menus and tabs are made of colored dots and crosshatches?

The subject appearance, often called pixilated, occurs if the client display is set for 256 colors (8-bit), because OneNote 2003 is optimized for a 16-bit color depth, or greater.

NOTE: OneNote 2003 menus and tabs use gradients to shade one color into another, and gradients cannot be displayed at an 8-bit color depth.

To workaround this issue, increase the color resolution of the Terminal Server client:

1. Open the Remote Desktop Connection item from Start / All Programs / Accessories / Communications.

2. Type the computer name or IP address of the Terminal Server into Computer.

3. Press Options to expand the connection window.

4. Select the Display tab.

5. Select a color resolution of 16-bit or higher.

6. Press Connect and log on to the Terminal Server session.

NOTE: Download the Remote Desktop for Windows 2000 and earlier clients.

NOTE: See How can I connect to a Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server with a color resolution greater than 256 colors?

NOTE: See How do I connect to Windows XP Terminal Services with a color depth greater than 256?

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