JSI Tip 9267. ChangePW is a freeware command line tool to set a password, display the current userAccountControl password flags, and enable or disable an account.

When you type changepw /?, you receive:

ChangePW V02.01.00cpp  Joe Richards ([email protected]) November 1999

  changepw.exe \[/d:domain\] \[/s:server\] /u:userid \[/p:password\] \[/a:(y|n)\] \[/f\]

        /d:domain - domain to manipulate userid on.
        /s:server - server to manipulate userid on.
        /u:userid - userid to manipulate.
        /p:password - password to set userid to.
        /a:y        - make account active.
        /a:n        - make account inactive.
        /f          - display current flags.

  Use freely; you are responsible for all results.

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