JSI Tip 9173. Freeware console utilities.


ConUtils.zip Beta is a set of console utilities that is currently under construction (abandoned for now). There is no documentation yet but each program has the switch '/?' enabled. This set will be updated without notice until version 1 is reached, then updates will be logged and documentation will be written. During development programs will be stuffed in the archive automatically, including some possibly non-functioning and misbehaving programs. Use cautiously until version 1 is released.


consetbuffer /?
Version 1.0, Copyright (C)2000, 2001 Frank P. Westlake
Sets the dimensions of the console buffer in columns and lines.

ConSetBuffer \[/X|C|W=columns\] \[/Y|L|H=lines\]

/X    Specify the number of columns for the buffer width.
       /C and /W are the same as /X.
/Y    Specify the number of lines for the buffer height.
       /L and /H are the same as /Y.

If either dimension is smaller than the applicable window dimension, the window
will be adjusted.

If neither argument is present, the current settings will be printed. The
dimensions will be taken from the standard error device (STDERR) so that the
correct values will be read when used with the FOR command. Nothing is written
to STDERR so to ensure that the correct values are obtained, do not redirect
STDERR. To save the dimensions in a batch program, use the following:

   FOR /F "tokens=2,4 delims== " %%A in ('ConSetBuffer') Do (
     Set Columns=%%A
     Set Lines=%%B

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