JSI Tip 9166. How can I enlarge the ALT+TAB dialog to fit all the applications I have open?

The default size of the ALT+TAB dialog box is 7 columns and 3 rows.

You can enlarge the the number of columns and rows by altering the CoolSwitchColumns and CoolSwitchRows Value Names, string (REG_SZ) data types, at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop.

I have my CoolSwitchColumns set to 10 and my CoolSwitchRows set to 9.

NOTE: See How can I use Task Manager to emulate the ALT+TAB function?

NOTE: See ALTTAB.BAT is home grown replacement for the ALT+TAB function?

NOTE: See the taskswitch.exe PowerToy for XP, which not only displays the icons of the application window, but lets you see a preview of the page which helps when you have multiple sessions of an application open.

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