JSI Tip 9161. MT.exe command-line tape utility freeware.

Download MT.exe, a freeware command-line tape utility.

When you open a CMD.EXE window and type mt /?, you receive the following help display:

MT v0.19: command-line tape manipulation similar to the unix mt command

Copyright (C) 2001-2003 Peter Weston ([email protected])
Usage: mt command  ...
eg. mt erase tape0
Command, one of:
  block          set block size to param1 bytes (eg. mt block 32K)
  drivestatus    displays the status of the tape drive
  eject          unlock then eject the tape
  format         format the tape (QIC117 only)
  help           display this usage information
  licence        display licence information
  load           load the tape
  lock           stop tape being ejected
  longerase      long-erase the specified tape (blanks current partition)
  mediastatus    display the status of the media
  partition      (no parameters) create fixed (drive default) partitions
  partition      (1 parameter) create param1 select partitions
  partition      (2 parameters) create param1 partitions of size param2 (MB)
  read           (1 parameter) read from tape into file param1
  read           (2 parameters) read param 2 bytes from tape to file param1
  tension        retension the tape
  rewind         rewind the tape
  seek           move tape to block param1
  seekbyte       move tape to byte param1
  seekend        move tape to the end of data (partition param1 if specified)
  shorterase     write an end of tape marker at the current tape position
  unload         unload the tape (without unlocking first - can deadlock/hang)
  unlock         allow tape to be ejected
  write          write file param1 to tape

  tape0 (default) tape1 etc...

Most commands fail while the tape is busy, except mediastatus which waits for
the current operation to complete.

Large numbers can be made by suffixing K (1024), M (K*1024) or G (M*1024)

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