JSI Tip 9125. Internet Explorer crashes when you copy images from Web sites that use the <input type=image> tag?

When you copy an image from a Web site that uses the <input type=image> tag, Internet Explorer crashes.

This behavior was introduced by a logic error in the code in security update 867282.

You can contact the Web site developer and tell them to use the IMG tag instead of the <input type=image> tag. If they need the coordinates of a clicked on image, they can use the IMG tag and an <onclick> handler, like:

function ClickHandler(e)
 document.all.form1.imgx.value = e.offsetX;
 document.all.form1.imgy.value = e.offsetY;
<form action="form.asp" method="post" id=form1 name=form1>
<input type=hidden name="imgobj.x" id=imgx value=0>
<input type=hidden name="imgobj.y" id=imgy value=0>
<img src=image.jpg onclick="ClickHandler(event);">

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