JSI Tip 9065. BeyondExec freeware spawns remote processes, and performs remote shutdowns.

A blend of PsShutdown.exe and PsExec.exe, download BeyondExec Version 2.05.

BeyondExec offers the following flexibility -

  • General
    • Zero set-up time. Simply run the single 110kb utility from the command line.
    • Omits the need to install client software on remote machines.
    • Secure. No open TCP/IP ports - utilises already existing SMB named pipes to minimise security risks.
    • Works with a single remote computer or groups of multiple remote computers.
    • Multiple computer support is handled by multi-threaded routines speeding up the issuing of jobs.
    • Command line utility allowing scripting and automation of tasks from batch files or schedulers.
    • Each workstation allows 3 simultaneous sessions.
    • Supports renamed Administrator accounts & renamed Administrators groups for added security.
  • Run Remote Processes
    • Allows processes to run in either the system or administrator's account.
    • Can allow or deny processes the right to interact with the logged on user (Desktop).
    • Ability to run processes with Above Normal, Below Normal, High Priority, Idle, Normal priorities.
    • Push Windows Hot Fixes/Service Packs/Virus Definition updates out to remote computers etc.
    • Use with the Command Line Process Viewer to View, Kill, Suspend or adjust the priorities of processes on remote computers.
    • or Use with the Console Computer Information Utility for 2000/XP to view/log Specifications of Remote Computers.
    • Option to terminate rogue processes after a specified number of seconds.
  • Remote Shutdown
    • Ability to shutdown groups of computers (for example at close of business to save on power.)
    • User can be given notification of shutdown and the option of cancelling (if permitted - Default).
    • Shutdown dialog will appear on active window, should it be the login window, login screen saver, logged in users desktop, or on a locked workstation.
    • The shutdown process will be identical regardless if a user is logged in or not.
    • A process can be executed prior to shutdown. E.g. you could gracefully shutdown important programs (open databases) using the Command Line Process Viewer before forcing a shutdown on less important applications.
    BeyondExec V2.05 - Spawn Remote Processes on Windows NT/2000/XP WorkStations.
    Copyright(C) 2002-2003 [email protected]
    Usage: terminal \\computer \[-options\] \[program/arguments\]
            -u    Administrator Account Name on Remote Machine.
            -p    Administrator Password.
            -s    Use System Account.
            -i    Allow Process to Interact with Desktop.
            -t    Terminate Process after x Seconds.
            -q    Priority. Use \{AboveNormal, BelowNormal, HighPriority,
                                 Idle, Normal, Realtime\}
            -c    Copy File to Remote Computer before Executing. (Default Security)
            -cs   Copy File to Remote Computer before Executing. (Set Security)
            -w    Don't wait for Process to Finish, Return Immediately.
            -b    Bypass Remote Driver Checks. (Assumes Driver is Already Running.)
           Shutdown Options.
            -d    Down Computer, e.g. -d Shutdown.
                   Use \{Shutdown|PowerOff|Reboot|Suspend|Hibernate|...
            -f    Force Applications to Terminate.
            -m    Message for Display to User.
            -l    Duration to Display Message for. Default is 60Sec
            -x    Prevent user from Cancelling Shutdown. (Grey Out Button)
            -n    Ignore Computers in Use.
           Multiple Computers
            -g    Use Multiple Computers Specified by a Group File.
            -r    Stop and remove the Beyondexec Driver on Remote Computers.

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