JSI Tip 8994. When you double-click a drive, or a dolder, Windows Explorer opens a Search, or a CMD.EXE window, or performs some other inappropriate action?

When you use My Computer or Windows Explorer to expand a drive or a folder, a Search Window opens, or a CMD.EXE window opens, or some other inappropriate action is performed.

These behaviors can be the result of an altered default action for the respective File Types.

The default action for a drive, and a directory, should be none, while the default action for a folder should be undefined (nul).

NOTE: A directory is a File Folder File Type.

You can use AlterDefaultAction.bat to fix this behavior:

1. Close all instances of Windows Explorer and My Computer that are open on your desktop.

2. Open a CMD.EXE window.

3. Type the following, pressing Enter after each line:

AlterDefaultAction folder nul
AlterDefaultAction directory none
AlterDefaultAction drive none

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