JSI Tip 8948. Ntfrs records an Event ID 13552 when the File Replication Service tries to open the Sysvol drive root?

When FRS (File Replication Service) tries to open the root folder on the drive that the Sysvol is located on, the Ntfrs.log file records:

Event Source: Ntfrs
Event ID: 13552
Description: The File Replication service is unable to add this computer to the following replica set: "Domain System Volume (SYSVOL Share)".
This could be caused by a number of problems, such as:
-- an invalid root path,
-- a missing folder,
-- a missing disk volume,
-- a file system on the volume that does not support NTFS 5.0

The information below may help to resolve the problem:
Computer DNS name is "computername"
Replica set member name is "computername"
Replica set root path is "C:\Winnt\Sysvol\Domain"
Replica staging folder path is "C:\Winnt\Sysvol\Staging\Domain"
Replica working folder path is "C:\Winnt\Ntfrs\Jet"
Windows error status code is FRS error status code is FrsErrorVolumeRootDirOpenFail

If you attempt to rename the label on the volume, you receive:

You do not have sufficient privileges to perform the operation.

This behavior may occur if the the read-only flag is set on the root of the volume, or if the System account does NOT have Full Control permissions.

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