JSI Tip 8928. Countkey freeware keeps track, and graphs, your keyboard activity.

Download and unzip Countkey.

The readme.txt file contains:


Put "countkey.exe" and "count.dll" into a directory, and run the exe.

Over every 24 hours the program is running, the graph will be automatically
updated, once a minute.

A file will be written containing details of the numbers of keys pressed over
this time once a day, and will have a .key extension.  These files can then
be examined by "keyviewer.exe".  That program will look in its directory for
any key files, and list them.  Click on any to view the data from that day.

The graph will automatically resize to reflect the maximum number of keypresses
per minute.  My personal "best" is about 410 in a minute, but I'm no touchtyper!

The program will count keypresses made in any application, not characters typed,
so if you start a new document in Word and type "Hello", that's six keypresses.
Once for each of the letters, and one for the shift keypress needed to make the
"H" capital!

Copyright Tom Revell, [email protected]
Zhorn Software, http://www.zhornsoftware.co.uk/

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