JSI Tip 8926. VNCHelper freeware is able to launch any application, URL, file or folder.

Download and unzip VNCHelper.

The readme.txt file contains:


On running vnchelper, you get a box in the middle of the screen.  Right-click
it, and choose "Add new item".  You can enter some short text for the name, and
the command to run when you choose that name.

To run a command, single-click the text name.

vnchelper will automatically size vertically to be as tall as it needs to be
and no more.  Items can be edited by right-clicking them and choosing the
Properties menu item.  The app will remember where it is left, and start again
in the same place.  It's strongly suggested that you put a shortcut to the app
in your Startup menu!

Originally written to be used with WinVNC, which can be found at
http://www.uk.research.att.com/vnc/.  Run a client session, then save the
settings to a .vnc file.  The command which should then be used to start the
session again will look like:

C:\Progra~1\RealVNC\vncviewer.exe /config c:\pathto\ccrouter2.vnc

The same effect can be achieved for the terminal services client with a line like:

c:\program files\terminal services client\mstsc.exe serena

where "serena" is the configured machine name.

Of course, other, simpler commands can also be executed, like "calc.exe"

To change the title bar caption, create a registry key at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Zhorn\vnchelper
called "!title", with a value of whatever you'd like the title bar to read.  The
.reg file in the zip file will help you do this for W2K/XP - edit it and change
the text MyTitle to be whatever you'd like.  Then double-click the .reg file to
load it into the registry.

Similarly, the !hidetitle registry entry will prevent the taskbar entry for VNCHelper from appearing.
The hidetitle.reg file demonstrates this.

v1.02 - You can now use URLs in the Command box to open web pages.
        Parameters to commands are now listed seperately
v1.03 - Program saves after every change
v1.04 - !hidetitle registry setting to not have a Start bar entry added

Copyright Tom Revell, [email protected]
Zhorn Software, http://www.zhornsoftware.co.uk/

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