JSI Tip 8889. Using the same name for your server cluster and for your Exchange Virtual Server may prevent some services from starting in Windows 2000?

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 887416 describes the following symptoms:

When you restart a Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server-based server cluster, you may receive the following error message:

The workstation service terminated with service specific error 2250

Additionally, you may receive events in the System log that are similar to the following event messages:

Event ID: 7024
Source: Service Control Manager
Description : The workstation service terminated with a service-specific error 2250

Event ID: 7001
Source: Service Control Manager
Description: The Net Logon service depends on the workstation service which failed to start because of the following error: The service has returned a service-specific error code. Cluster services fail to start.

Event ID: 2505
Source: Server
Description: The server could not bind to the transport because another computer on the network has the same name. The server could not start.

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