JSI Tip 8861. Exchange Server permissions are removed by the RecreateDefPol.exe tool in Windows 2000 Server?

When you use the Recreatedefpol.exe tool on a Microsoft Windows 2000 Server that is running Exchange Server, the required Exchange Server permissions are removed.

To workaround this problem:

01. Start / Run / Services.msc / OK.

02. Right-click Microsoft Exchange System Attendant and press Stop.

03. Right-click Microsoft Search and press Stop.

03. Run Recreatedefpol.exe.

04. Insert the Exchange Server CD.

05. Open a CMD.EXE window.

06. Type <CD_Drive:>\Path_Of_i386_Folder\setup /domainprep and press Enter to reset the Exchange Server permissions.

07. Type secedit /refreshpolicy machine_policy /enforce and press Enter.

08. Type secedit /refreshpolicy user_policy /enforce and press Enter.

09. Type Eventvwr.msc and press Enter.

10. Verify that the Application log has post a Source of SceCli with Event ID 1704. If not, you must troubleshoot Group Policy errors.

11. In Services, right-click Microsoft Exchange System Attendant and press Start.

12. Right-click Microsoft Search and press Start.

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