JSI Tip 8797. After installing a product update that use version, or later, of Update.exe, you must grant new user rights to perform some tasks?

When you apply a product update, to Windows 2000 or later, using a newer version of Update.exe, enhanced security requires that you must grant users the Back up files and directories right to perform a backup, the Restore files and directories right to perform a restore and to set any valid SID as the owner of an object, the Manage auditing and security log right to act as a security operator and perform many security functions, like viewing and managing audit messages, and the Take ownership of files or other objects right to properly manage object ownership.

To set these rights:

1. Open the local or domain Group Policy Editor.

2. Navigate to Computer Configuration / Windows Settings / Security Settings / Local Policies / User Rights Assignments.

3. Right-click the user right you wish to grant and press Properties.

4. Check the Define these policy settings box.

5. If the user or group is NOT listed, press the Add User or Group button to add them.

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