JSI Tip 8783. You occasionally receive 'The network path was not found' when you attempt to access a shared resource on a Windows 2000 server cluster?

When you use a UNC path to connect to a shared cluster resource, you receive:

The network path was not found.

If you use the IP address to connect, you occasionally receive:

The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

NOTE: If you are already connected to the shared resource, you can access folders and files without any difficulty.

NOTE: If you experience this problem behavior, restarting the computer temporarily resolves this issue.

These problems may occur if you are running VERITAS StorageCentral 4.1, which was previously published as WQuinn StorageCentral by Precise Software, on Windows 2000.

To resolve this problem, contact VERITAS for an update to StorageCentral.

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