JSI Tip 8754. The Administering Group Policy with the GPMC whitepaper.

The Administering Group Policy with the GPMC page contains:

This white paper provides an overview of GPMC and outlines essential functionality necessary to administer Group Policy with the GPMC. Highlights include new functionality such as backup, restore, import, copy, and reporting of Group Policy objects (GPOs). These operations are fully scriptable, which lets administrators customize and automate management in an easy, cost-effective manner.

Included in this Document

   Group Policy Management Console Overview Creating and Editing GPOs

   Scoping GPOs

   Group Policy Inheritance

   Delegating Group Policy

   Reporting on GPO Settings

   GPO Details

   GPO Operations (Backup, Restore, Copy, Import, and Migration Tables)

   WMI Filters

   Searching for GPOs

   Group Policy Modeling

   Group Policy Results

   Platform Dependencies

   GPMC Options

   Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration Considerations

   Scripting Group Policy-related Tasks

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