JSI Tip 8734. Your Windows Media Player 9 Series skin preference is changed when you start Media Player with a skin parameter?

When you start Windows Media Player with one of the following, the next time that you start Media Player without any startup options, your skin preference is changed to the skin you specified in the command-line:

wmplayer "Path\FileName?WMPSkin=SkinName"

wmplayer /Layout="SkinName" "Path\FileName"

This behavior is the result of Media Player incorrectly saving the skin you specified as the user preference.

To resolve this issue:

Windows Media Player 9 Series for Microsoft Windows XP
Download the English WindowsXP-KB888407-x86-ENU.exe fix.
Windows Media Player 9 Series for Microsoft Windows 2000 and Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Download the English WindowsMedia9-KB888407-x86-ENU.exe fix.

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