JSI Tip 8663. The ERR.EXE Error Code Lookup tool.

Even though the Error Code Look-up page indicates that the ERR.EXE tool is for Exchange Server, it is really for Windows operating systems.

After you download ERR.EXE, right-click it and extract the files. Read the \Err\eula.txt file. Copy the \Err\Err.exe and \Err\Error Code Lookup Tool.doc files to a folder that is in your PATH.

When I typed err /?, I received:

Table ? could not be found.

USAGE: err \{value\} \[value\] \[value\] ...
 where <value> must be of one of the following forms:
   1. decorated hex (0x54f)
   2. implicit hex  (54f)
   3. ambiguous     (1359)
   4. exact string  (=ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR)
   5. substring     (:INTERNAL_ERROR)

All values on the command line will be looked up in our internal
tables and presented to you.  If available, informational data
associated with the value(s) will also be shown (see below).
All tables are searched by default, but you can restrict the
output to those tables you deem appropriate by adding
"/<tablename>" to the beginning of the commandline.


> err /winerror.h /ntstatus.h 0
# winerror.h selected.
# ntstatus.h selected.
# for hex 0x0 / decimal 0 :
  STATUS_WAIT_0                                             ntstatus.h
  ERROR_SUCCESS                                             winerror.h
# The operation completed successfully.
  NO_ERROR                                                  winerror.h
  SEC_E_OK                                                  winerror.h
  S_OK                                                      winerror.h
# 5 matches found for "0"

  Last compiled on Mar 31 2003 14:39:19.
This app has support derived from the following headers and privates:

  adeevent.mc      adoint.h         adserr.h         alert.h
  allerror.h       appevt.mc        appman.h         arapio.h
  asferr.h         asn1err.h        asyncpub.h       bitsmsg.h
  blberr.h         bthdef.h         bugcodes.h       capicom.h
  cderr.h          cdosyserr.h      ceplog.mc        certlog.mc
  certmsg.mc       cfgmgr32.h       cierror.h        clusvmsg.h
  cmdmsg.h         corerror.h       crypt32msg.mc    cryptmsg.mc
  d3d.h            d3drm.h          d3dx8mesh.h      d3dxerr.h
  dciddi.h         ddeml.h          ddraw.h          ddrawex.h
  dhcpssdk.h       dinput.h         dinputd.h        dlcapi.h
  dmerror.h        docobj.h         dplay.h          dplay8.h
  dsexcept.h       dsound.h         dvoice.h         dxfile.h
  dxterror.h       ec.h             ese.h            exitlog.mc
  fdevents.mc      filterr.h        fltdefs.h        ftsiface.h
  gpmc_msgs.mc     gpmgmtevents.mc  hidpddi.h        hidpi.h
  iaapi.h          iiscnfg.h        imapierror.h     ime.h
  imnact.h         imnxport.h       inetmsg.h        intshcut.h
  ipexport.h       irtranp.h        esent98.h        kerberr.h
  lmerr.h          lmerrlog.h       lmsvc.h          lpmapi.h
  lsapmsgs.mc      lzexpand.h       macfile.h        mapicode.h
  mapidefs.h       mciavi.h         mdmsg.h          mediaerr.h
  mimeole.h        mmsystem.h       mobsyncp.h       mprerror.h
  mq.h             mqoai.h          msaudite.h       msctf.h
  msiquery.h       msoeapi.h        msxml2.h         nb30.h
  nddeapi.h        netcfgx.h        netevent.h       netmon.h
  netsh.h          nserror.h        ntddchgr.h       ntdddisk.h
  ntdsapi.h        ntdsbmsg.h       ntiologc.h       ntsam.h
  ntstatus.h       odbcinst.h       ole.h            olectl.h
  oledberr.h       oledlg.h         patchapi.h       pdhmsg.h
  penwin.h         pollog.mc        pstore.h         qedit.h
  qossp.h          raserror.h       reconcil.h       rnderr.h
  routprot.h       rtcerr.h         scarderr.h       scesvc.h
  schannel.h       sdperr.h         setupapi.h       shellapi.h
  snmp.h           sperror.h        sql_err          ssc.h
  stierr.h         tapi.h           tapi3err.h       tcerror.h
  textstor.h       tlsdef.h         trk.h            twain.h
  uevents.mc       upnp.h           upnphost.h       urlmki.h
  urlmon.h         usb.h            vfw.h            vfwmsgs.h
  vss.h            vswriter.h       w32timemsg.mc    wbemcli.h
  wiadef.h         wincrypt.h       winerror.h       winfax.h
  winhttp.h        wininet.h        winioctl.h       winldap.h
  winsnmp.h        winsock2.h       winspool.h       wlevents.mc
  wlevents2.mc     wpaevent.mc      wpscoserr.mc     wsiperr.h

There are currently 19871 return codes registered from 172 sources.
When I typed err 0x534, I received:
# for hex 0x534 / decimal 1332 :
  ERROR_NONE_MAPPED                                             winerror.h
# No mapping between account names and security IDs was done.
# 1 matches found for "0x534"
NOTE: Typing net helpmsg 1332 returns:

No mapping between account names and security IDs was done.

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