JSI Tip 8646. TechNet Support WebCast: File Replication service.

The TechNet Support WebCast: File Replication service page contains:

"This Support WebCast will discuss the File Replication service (FRS) dependencies. This WebCast will explain how FRS works when it replicates Sysvol. This WebCast will also discuss the tools that you can use to troubleshoot FRS issues.

This is a Level 200 session that will be presented by Caroline Johnston.

Caroline Johnston has been a technical lead in Directory Services for a year and a half. She supports such technologies as the Active Directory directory service replication, FRS, Certificate Services, Active Directory Installation Wizard (informally known as DCPromo), and Distributed File System (DFS). Caroline has presented FRS triages to her co-workers that explain the technology and how to troubleshoot it. She also helps customers set up their environments so that the technologies work with minimum administrative overhead."

Visit the TechNet Support WebCast: File Replication service page to view a 29 minute On-demand recording, to download an offline streaming media archive, or download a PowerPoint presentation.

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