JSI Tip 8565. You cannot save a Microsoft Publisher publication if you lose your network connection?

If you open a publication from a network drive, and subsequently lose connectivity, when you try to save the publication, you receive:

The disk is full trying to write "<DriveLetter:>\FileName.pub". Please save this file to a different disk and/or drive.

After you re-establish connectivity, and try to save the publication, you receive the same error, and /or:

Publisher cannot create a temporary-working file.

To save your publication:

01. Switch to a page that you have changed.

02. Press Select All on the Edit menu.

03. Press Copy on the Edit menu.

04. Start a new session of Publisher from the Windows Start menu.

05. Use Paste on the Edit menu to paste the changed page into the new session.

06. Repeat the above for each changed publication. 07. Save the new publication.

08. Exit the old changed publications without saving the changes.

09. Exit the old session.

10. Open them again and use the new session publication to restore the changes.

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