JSI Tip 8546. How do WINS clients resolve NetBIOS names?

Windows NT-based (Windows NT 4.0 and greater) clients that do not receive a response from the primary WINS server query the secondary WINS server.

You can specify up to 12 WINS servers.

If additional WINS servers are defined, queries start at the top of the list and work down until the names is resolved, or the search list is exhausted.

NOTE: Each interface can have WINS servers defined at:


Value Name         Data Type      Data Value
NameServer         REG_SZ         Dotted decimal IP address of the primary WINS server.
NameServerBackup   REG_SZ         Dotted decimal IP address of the secondary WINS server.   
NameServerList     REG_MULTI_SZ   Dotted decimal IP addresses of additional WINS servers.

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