JSI Tip 8501. You receive 'Did you notice the Information Bar?' when you click a Help link at Office.Microsoft.com?

When you visit Office.Microsoft.com and press a Help link in the upper-right corner of the Web page, Help does NOT open, and you receive:

Did you notice the Information Bar?

This behavior is indicative of the Pop-up Blocker feature.

To resolve this problem, use any of the following:

Override the pop-up blocker

Press the CTRL at the same time you click the link.

Temporarily enable pop-up windows

1. Press the Information bar.

2. Press Temporarily Allow Pop-ups.

3. When you receive Pop-ups temporarily allowed. To always allow pop-ups from this site, click here., if you don't click here and allow this site, the next time you start Internet Explorer and visit this site, pop-ups will be blocked.

Permanently enable pop-up windows on the Microsoft Office Web site

1. Press the Information bar.

2. Press Always Allow Pop-ups from This Site.

3. When prompted with Would you like to allow pop-ups from 'office.microsoft.com'?, press Yes.

To remove the Microsoft Office Web site from the Allowed sites list

1. In Internet Explorer, press Tools / Pop-up Blocker / Pop-up Blocker Settings.

2. Select office.microsoft.com in the Allowed sites list.

3. Press the Remove button.

4. Press Close.

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