JSI Tip 8496. DevEject freeware will eject removable hardware in a script.

Download and unzip 0316-208.zip. When you copy DevEject.exe to a folder in your PATH, typing deveject /? returns:

Usage: deveject.exe -EjectDrive:<Drive>|-EjectName:<Name>|-EjectId:<DeviceId> \[-v\] \[-Debug\]

NOTE: The switches are case sensitive.

When you type deveject, the command lists the <Name> and <DeviceId> of the hardware it 'thinks' it can eject, like:

DevEject 1.0  2003 c't/Matthias Withopf

'Plug and Play Monitor' 'DISPLAY\_YV0003\4&5B20C67&0&00000400&00&02' \[REMOVEABLE\]
'Default Monitor' 'DISPLAY\DEFAULT_MONITOR\4&186BBD0C&0&80861000&00&22' \[REMOVEABLE\]
'USB Mass Storage Device' 'USB\VID_413C&PID_9001\5&252D5D84&0&4' \[REMOVEABLE\]
'1394 Net Adapter #2' 'V1394\NIC1394\EA86461324FC000' \[REMOVEABLE\]
When I typed deveject -EjectName:"USB Mass Storage Device" or deveject -EjectId:"USB\VID_413C&PID_9001\5&252D5D84&0&4", I received:

Ejecting 'USB Mass Storage Device' \[USB\VID_413C&PID_9001\5&252D5D84&0&4\]...ok.
1 device(s) ejected.

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