JSI Tip 8479. How can a user redirect their My Documents folder?

When Group Policy Folder Redirection is NOT enabled, a user can redirect their My Documents folder:

1. Right-click the My Documents icon on the Desktop, or Start menu, and press Properties.

2. Select the Target tab.

3. Type the new path to the My Documents folder into the Target box.

4. If the new folder does not exist, you will be prompted to confirm the creation.

5. Press Yes to move the contents of your old My Documents to the new location, or press No to not move them (making them invisible from My Documents after the change.

NOTE: You can use the Restore Default option to restore the default path.

NOTE: To configure the new My Documents manually, set the Personal Value Name at the User SHell Folders and Shell Folders sub-key.

NOTE: The default location of My Documents is the My Documents folder appended to the path specified at ProfileImagePath.

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