JSI Tip 8421. InstallWatch and InstallRite freeware.

The http://www.epsilonsquared.com page contains:

Epsilon Squared announces new releases of its InstallWatch and InstallRite software!  Version 2.5 boasts the following enhancements:

  • Greatly improved memory performance during post install analysis

  • Export to TEXT option
  • Reformatted Kit Option dialog for better readability
  • Ability to turn on and off "Setup Detect" mode
  • Printing customizations (colors and fonts)
  • Installation Relocation
  • Fixed several bugs in the search algorithm which would prevent some files being found as a match
  • Specify how long to wait when the setup program stops early during a wizard mode install
  • "Check for updates" feature

and its FREE

InstallWatch records modifications made to your PC during the installation of software, hardware, or configuration changes.
  InstallRite (which includes all the features of InstallWatch) provides "application cloning" as opposed to "disk cloning", simplifying software distribution.

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