JSI Tip 8311. If you use the Windows 2000 Device Manager to change the resources of a parallel port device, your computer BSODs with STOP 0x000000CE?

The subject BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) will occur if a printer is installed on the parallel port, and the print driver is loaded into memory.

To workaround the behavior, prior to changing the resources of the parallel port device:

  • Remove the Printer
    • Start / Settings / Printers.
    • Right-click the printer that is installed on the parallel port and then press Delete.
    • Disconnect the printer cable from the parallel port.
    • Turn off the printer.
  • Change the resources of the parallel port device.
  • Shutdown and power down your computer.
  • Reinstall the printer:
    • Connect the printer cable to the parallel port.
    • Power on the printer.
  • Start your computer.
    • If the printer does NOT install automatically:
      • Start / Settings / Printers.
      • Double-click Add Printer.
      • In the Add Printer Wizard, press Next.
      • Select Local Printer.
      • Check the Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer box.
      • Press Next.
      • When you receive the Found New Hardware message, or the Found New Hardware Wizard opens, follow the on-screen instructions.

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