JSI Tip 8237. What are the free Windows 2000 Resource Kit tools?

NOTE: See Where have the Windows 2000 Resource Kit tools gone?

In tip 6705, I provided a link to the free Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit tools.

In tip 8360, I provided a link to the Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) Support Tools.

NOTE: The last time I checked, Microsoft had removed the Windows 2000 free Resource Kit tools. Use tools from both of the above links.

The Windows 2000 free Resource Kit tools consist of:

Adsizer.exe: Active Directory Sizer
(Last Updated: 10/08/2001 - Estimates the hardware required for deploying Active Directory in an organization.

Apimon.exe: API Monitor
Last Updated: 11/30/1999 - Monitors the API calls made by a process.

Appsec.exe: Application Security
Hotfix - Sets user permissions on a file-by-file basis to lock down accessible applications.

Clusrest.exe: Cluster Quorum Restore Utility
Last Updated: 12/02/1999 - Restores the quorum disk of a cluster, which is not done by a restore process using NtBackup.

Ctrlist.exe: Counter List
Last Updated: 11/12/1999 - Lists all objects and counters installed in the system for the given language ID.

Cluster Verification Utility
Last Updated: 11/04/1999 - Verifies that two-node cluster systems are set up properly.

DcDiag.exe: Domain Controller Diagnostic Tool
Analyzes the state of domain controllers in a forest or enterprise to assist in troubleshooting.

DELRP.exe: Delete File and Reparse Points
Last Updated: 09/25/1999 - Deletes a file or directory and any associated NTFS reparse points.

Last Updated: 12/02/1999 - Unregisters a service with the service control manager.

DH.exe: Display Heap
Last Updated: 11/30/1999 - Displays information about heap usage in a user-mode process or pool usage in kernel-mode memory.

Dhcpexim.exe: DHCP Database Export Import Tool
Last Updated: 10/26/2001 - Exports a DHCP database and server configuration from a server running Windows NT 4.0 Server or Windows 2000 Server for import into a destination DHCP server running Windows 2000.

Diruse.exe: Directory Disk Usage
Last Updated: 12/02/1999 - Displays information about a disk and the contents of its partition table.

Last Updated: 12/02/1999 - Displays information about a disk and the contents of its partition table.

Diskpart.exe: Diskpart Command Line Utility
Enables storage configuration from a script, remote session, or other command prompt.

Dmdiag.exe: Disk Manager Diagnostics
Last Updated: 11/19/1999 - Saves disk volume configuration to a text file and writes a signature to a disk partition.

Drivers.exe: List Loaded Drivers
Last Updated: 10/27/1999 - Displays information on installed device drivers, their files, and their code.

Drmapsrv.exe: Drive Share
Hotfix - Automatically configures NET SHARE and NET USE client drives for Terminal Services server access.

Dumpel.exe: Dump Event Log
Last Updated: 12/02/1999 - Dumps an event log to a tab-separated text file.

Dumpfsmos.cmd: Dump FSMO Roles
Dumps the Flexible Single Master Operations roles.

Dureg.exe: Registry Size Estimator
Last Updated: 11/04/1999 - Shows how much data is stored in the registry, or in any registry subtree, key, or subkey.

Efsinfo.exe: Encrypting File System Information
Last Updated: 11/04/1999 - Displays information about encrypted files on NTFS partitions.

Exctrlst.exe: Extensible Performance Counter List
Last Updated: 11/19/1999 - Displays information on extensible performance counter DLLs installed on a computer.

Extract.exe: Extract Cabinet
Last Updated: 11/12/1999 - Extracts files from cabinet (.cab) files.

FAZAM 2000, Reduced-Functionality Version
Last Updated: 08/03/2000 - Extends Group Policy management functionality of Windows 2000.

Getmac.exe: GetMAC
Last Updated: 12/02/1999 - Gets a computer's MAC (Ethernet) layer address and binding order.

Getsid.exe: Get Security ID
Last Updated: 12/02/1999 - Compares the security IDs of two user accounts.

Gpotool.exe: Group Policy Verification Tool
Last Updated: 11/04/1999 - Allows administrators to check Group Policy object integrity and monitor policy replication.

Gpresult.exe: Group Policy Results
Last Updated: 11/30/1999 - Displays information about the result Group Policy has had on the current computer and logged-on user.

Guid2obj.exe: GUID to Object
Last Updated: 12/02/1999 - Maps a GUID to a distinguished name.

Last Updated: 10/27/1999 - Enables user to view system heap information.

Hlscan.exe: Hard link display tool
Last Updated: 09/11/2001 - Displays hard links on an NTFS volume or in specified files or directories of the volume.

Last Updated: 09/07/2001 - Checks whether the current user is a member of a specified group.

IIS Migration Wizard
Last Updated: 05/16/2001 - Migrates Web server configuration settings.

Installation Monitor
Last Updated: 11/12/1999 - Tracks changes made by setup programs in the registry, .INI files, and other child processes.

Inuse.exe: File-In-Use Replace Utility
Last Updated: 11/04/1999 - Performs on-the-fly replacement of files currently in use by the operating system.

Ipsecpol.exe: Internet Protocol Security Policies Tool
Last Updated: 04/23/2001 - Configures Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) policies in the Directory Service, or in a local or remote registry.

Kerbtray.exe: Kerberos Tray
Last Updated: 11/30/1999 - Displays ticket information for a given computer running the Kerberos protocol.

Klist.exe: Kerberos List
Last Updated: 12/02/1999 - Views and deletes the Kerberos tickets granted to the current logon session.

Netdiag.exe: Network Connectivity Tester
Last Updated: 05/03/2000 - Helps isolate networking and connectivity problems.

Last Updated: 12/02/1999 - Echoes the current date and time plus any arguments passed to it.

Ntdetect.com (Installd.cmd)
Last Updated: 11/19/1999 - Installs a debug version of Startup Hardware Detector used for troubleshooting hardware detection issues.

Oh.exe: Open Handles
Last Updated: 11/12/1999 - Shows the handles of open windows, processes, or objects.

Oleview.exe: OLE/COM Object Viewer
Last Updated: 11/30/1999 - Browses, configures, and tests Microsoft Component Object Model classes installed on a computer.

Pathman.exe: Path Manager
Last Updated: 12/02/1999 - Adds or removes components of the system or user path.

Perms.exe: File Access Permissions per User
Last Updated: 12/02/1999 - Displays a user's access permissions for a file or directory.

Pfmon.exe: Page Fault Monitor
Last Updated: 11/30/1999 - Lists the source and number of page faults generated by an application's function calls.

Pstat.exe: Process and Thread Status
Last Updated: 11/30/1999 - Shows the status of all running processes and threads.

Last Updated: 12/02/1999 - Lists processes running on local or remote computers.

Qslice.exe: CPU Usage by Processes
Last Updated: 12/02/1999 - Shows the percentage of total CPU usage per process.

Rdpclip.exe: File Copy
Hotfix - Copies files between Terminal Services server and client.

Last Updated: 9/11/01 - Extracts performance counters from logs created by the Performance Logs and Alerts service.

RPCCfg.exe: RPC Configuration Tool
Last Updated: 11/02/2001 - Configures Microsoft Remote Procedure Call (RPC) to listen on specified ports.

Rpcdump.exe: RPC Dump
Last Updated: 12/02/1999 - Dumps all endpoints in the endpointmapper database, pings each endpoint, gathers other stats, sorts and displays the data.

RPC Ping: RPC Connectivity Verification Tool
Last Updated: 11/03/1999 - Verifies that Windows 2000 Server services are responding to remote procedure call requests from network clients.

Last Updated: 05/08/2002 - Manage Service Principal Names for an Active Directory directory service account.

Last Updated: 12/02/1999 - Sets environmental variables in the the user or computer environment.

Showperf.exe: Performance Data Block Dump Utility
Last Updated: 11/11/1999 - Dumps the contents of the Performance Data block so you can view and debug the raw data structure.

Sonar.exe: FRS Status Viewer
Monitors key statistics and status, including traffic levels, backlogs, and free space, of file replication service (FRS) replica set members.

Soon.exe: Near-Future Command Scheduler
Last Updated: 12/02/1999 - Schedules commands to run within the next 24 hours.

Sysdiff.exe: Automated Installation Tool
Hotfix - Pre-installs applications as part of an automated setup.

Timethis.exe: Timethis
Last Updated: 12/02/1999 - Times how long it takes to execute a given command.

Tracedmp.exe: Trace Dump
Last Updated: 11/22/1999 - Processes a trace log file or real time trace buffers and converts them to a .csv file.

Traceenable.exe: Trace Enable
Last Updated: 12/02/1999 - Enables tracing and displays current tracing options.

Tracelog.exe: Trace Log
Last Updated: 11/04/1999 - Starts, stops or enables trace logging.

Terminal Server Capacity Planning Tools
Hotfix - Suite of tools that assist organizations with Windows 2000 Terminal Services capacity planning.

User State Migration Tool
Last Updated: 06/12/2000 - Helps migrate a user's documents and settings (state) before an operating system migration to Windows 2000.

Vadump.exe: Virtual Address Dump
Last Updated: 11/30/1999 - Shows the state and size of each segment of virtual address space.

W3who.dll: Browser Client Context Tool
Last Updated: 11/04/1999 - ISAPI application DLL that displays the browser client context. Lists security identifiers, privileges, env variables.

Last Updated: 12/02/1999 - Returns the domain or computer name and the user name of the user currently logged onto the computer on which the tool runs.

Winsta.exe: WinStation Monitor
Last Updated: 10/08/1999 - Monitors the status of all users logged on to a Windows 2000 Terminal Server.

Wntipcfg.exe: Windows NT IPConfig Utility
Last Updated: 05/07/2001 - Gives you information about your IP configuration.

Last Updated: 05/08/2002 - Sets all file-system security options accessible in Windows Explorer.

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