JSI Tip 8229. What is SPVerify.exe?

SPVerify.exe is a command-line tools that lists the files that copied to your computer's disk when you install a service pack or hotfix. SPVerify.exe generates an XML (Extensible Markup Language) log that contains the new and replaced files.

To install the SPVerify tool, download SPVerify.msi.

When you type "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SPVerify\spverify.exe" /?, you receive:

Microsoft Windows SpVerify - Version 1.0
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 2003. All rights reserved.

Command line format:
   SpVerify.exe  ...

Valid parameters:
   -p          : package installation directory (extracted)
   -c          : self extracting cabinet path
   -o      : XML output file name (default = spverify.xml)
   -f                : force cabinet extraction
   -l    : output information level: warning, full or version
   -h,-?             : print this help message

   Only one of the -p and -c parameters can be specified.
NOTE: You can use SPVerify.exe with any Windows 2000 and greater service pack or hotfix that uses Update.exe version, or later.


If you extracted Windows 2000 SP4 to C:\Sp4\I386, run:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft SPVerify\spverify.exe" /p c:\sp4\i386 /l full

To generate a warning report on the network download of Windows 2000 SP4:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft SPVerify\spverify.exe" /c w2ksp4.exe

To generate a full report on hotix 810585:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft SPVerify\spverify.exe" /c q810585_w2k_sp4_X86_en.exe /l full

NOTE: If you are not sure if reinstalling a package will fix a problem, running SPVerify can help you determine what files will be replaced and added.

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