JSI Tip 8149. What is the Adprep command for?

The Adprep page begins with:


Prepares Windows 2000 domains and forests for an upgrade to Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition; Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition; or Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition. Among its tasks, adprep extends the schema, updates default security descriptors of selected objects, and adds new directory objects as required by some applications.


adprep\{ /forestprep | /domainprep\}



Prepares a Windows 2000 forest for an upgrade to a Windows Server 2003 forest.


Prepares a Windows 2000 domain for an upgrade to a Windows Server 2003 domain.


Displays Help at the command prompt.

NOTE: See How do I upgrade Windows 2000 domain controllers to Windows Server 2003 and how to add new Windows Server 2003 domain controllers to Windows 2000 domains?

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