JSI Tip 8131. When you manage IIS 5.0 from a remote Windows 2000 Professional workstation, you receive 'Unexpected error 0x8007011c occurred'?

When you attempt perform the subject action using the Internet Services Manager tool, or the Computer Management tool, you receive:

Error connecting to computername.domainname.com
Unexpected error 0x8007011c occurred.

To resolve this problem, you must enable DCOM on the workstation:

1. Open Component Services from the Administrative Tools folder.

\2. Expand Component Services and then expand Computers.

3. Right-click My Computer and press Properties.

4. Select the Default Properties tab.

5. Check the Enable Distributed COM on this computer box.

6. Press OK.

7. Press OK to the Changes have been applied but will not take effect until the local machine is rebooted message.

8. Close the Component Services tool.

9. Restart the workstation.

If the problem is NOT resolved:

1. On the workstation, press Start / Run / dcomcnfg / OK.

2. Select the Default Security tab.

3. Press Edit Default (under Default Configuration Permissions).

4. Select %ComputerName%\Administrators and grant it Full Control.

5. Press OK and OK.

6. Restart the Workstation.

See What tools are available when I install the Windows 2000 Administrative Tools on my Windows 2000 Professional workstation?

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