JSI Tip 8077. PFDavAdmin freeware manages permissions on folders in the MAPI tree, and more.

Download PFDavAdmin.zip and unzip the files to a folder in your path.

NOTES: This Microsoft utility is not supported. Use of this is entirely at your own risk. Before using any utility that has the potential to affect a large number of items in your store, it is highly recommended you test in a lab environment to ensure that the desired result is achieved, and perform a backup before proceeding.


PFDavAdmin 2.1 must be run on a computer that has the .NET Framework 1.1 installed, running Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows 2003. It must also be a member of the forest in which the target Exchange 2000 server resides. The user running the tool must be logged into windows as an Exchange Administrator.

This utility lets you do several things:

•	Modify folder permissions on folders in the MAPI tree using an interface similar to ESM.

•	Propagate the addition/replacement or removal of one or more ACEs down the public folder tree
        without overwriting the entire ACL.

•	Fix non-canonical and otherwise damaged DACLs on folders in bulk.

•	Export and Import folder permissions on both public folders and mailboxes.

•	Export and Import replica lists.

•	Propagate changes to the replica list down the tree without overwriting.

•	Check for and remove item-level permissions in bulk.

•	Check for event registrations.

•	Exceed limits imposed by the ESM GUI for values on the Limits tab.

•	Display and modify folder properties in bulk.
This tool accesses the store via webDAV, so you will notice that bulk operations are quite slow and will take a long time to complete against thousands of folders when running against Exchange 2000. If you use this tool against Exchange 2003, it is much faster.

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