JSI Tip 8074. ATONCE.EXE freeware schedules a job on a remote computer based upon the remote computer's time.

Download ATONCE.zip and unzip it to a folder in your path.

ATONCE.EXE : Command scheduling utility : by Steven Wettberg


ATONCE schedules a job (Batch file or command line program) to run 14 seconds 
from the execution of this command. This command calculates the execution time
based upon the remote computer time and timezone offset. The time on the local
computer is disregarded. This makes the local machine time/data irrelevant when
issuing the ATOnce Schedule command.

If you have every tried running programs like the Resource Kit 'soon.exe' you
will find that they are very dependent upon your time matching the remote 
machine time, and heaven forbid you are in a different time zone.
Note: This program will automatically start the schedule service if it's not 
already running on the remote machine.

Example: AtOnce \\SomeNTMachine C:\NtUtils\SomeCmds.Bat
NOTE: Use the fully qualified file name on the remote computer.

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