JSI Tip 8052. When you use the 802.1x protocol, unauthorized users can briefly authenticate?

The subject behavior occurs because the IEE 802.1x protocol-based client computer authenticates the connection until the user credentials are verified. The authentication is retried 3 times, at 60 second intervals, so it may take several minutes for the authorization to be retracted.

NOTE: Prior to using this procedure, see Microsoft 802.1X Authentication Client.

To alter this behavior:

1. In Control Panel, double-click Network Connections.

2. Right-click the wireless connection and press Properties.

3. Press Advanced.

4. Select the Authentication tab.

5. Clear the Authenticate as computer when computer information is available box.

6. Press OK.

NOTE: The default authentication methods for 802.1x client computers are:

  • Computer authentication when users are not logged on.
  • User authentication when users log on.
  • Computer authentication when users log off.

NOTE: The following features require computer authentication:

  • Active Directory directory service computer Group Policy.
  • Network logon scripts.
  • Shared folders.
  • Remote Desktop Connection.
  • Systems management agents.

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