JSI Tip 7665. How do I purge unwanted items from my Recent folder?

I have scripted CleanRecent.bat to delete all items from a specified Recent folder except for shortcut (.lnk) files of specified file types.

The syntax for using CleanRecent.bat is:

CleanRecent "LocalUserProfilePath" "Extensions" Seconds

where "LocalUserProfilePath" is the path to the user profile folder on the local machine, "Extensions" is a list of file types, separated by spaces, and Seconds is the number of seconds to wait between purges.

I schedule CleanRecent.bat to run in the local Administrator context, while I am logged on as SchulmanJ, so that it runs hidden in the background. Specifically, I schedule:

CleanRecent.bat "c:\Documents and Settings\SchulmanJ" "DOC MDB XLS PPT" 301

CleanRecent.bat contains:

@echo off
if \{%3\}==\{\} @echo Syntax: CleanRecent "LocalUserProfilePath" "Extensions" Seconds&exit /b 1
set userp=%1
set userp="%userp:"=%\Recent"
set ext=%2
set sec=%3
set /a sec=100000%sec%%%100000
set /a sec=%sec% + 1
ping -n %sec%>nul
for /R %userp% %%a in (*.*) do set file=%%a&call :test1
goto loop
set file=%file:&= %
for /f "Tokens=2,3 Delims=." %%f in ('@echo %file%') do set p2=%%f&set p3=%%g
if /i "%p3%" NEQ "lnk" del /q "%file%"&goto :EOF
set OK=
for /f "Tokens=*" %%f in ('@echo %p2% ^|findstr /i /l %ext%') do (
 set OK=%%f
if not defined OK del /q "%file%"

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