JSI Tip 7598. You cannot eject your Windows 2000-based portable computer from its' docking station?

When you press Eject PC on your Windows 2000 portable computer, you receive:

You cannot eject your computer because one of the devices in the docking station, 'Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery', cannot be stopped right now. Try closing all applications and ejecting the computer again later.

You will receive this message, if in a period of uncertainty, you perform the following actions:

  • You eject the computer from the docking station.

  • You insert the computer into the docking station.

  • You eject the computer from the docking station.

Each time you change the docking status of your computer, a series of events must take place to complete the state transition.

If you perform the above actions without leaving sufficient time for the state transition to complete, you will experience this behavior.

To workaround this behavior:

1. Press OK.

2. Perform the Eject PC a little later.

NOTE: See Windows 2000 Hot Docking.

NOTE: See How do I remove the Eject PC entry on my Windows 2000 Start menu?

NOTE: See How do I prevent users from using 'Eject PC' to undock their laptop?

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