JSI Tip 7585. Whence.bat script locates specified files in a path.

Using the technique from tip 3579, Erik Remmelzwaal has scripted Whence.bat.

The syntax for using Whence.bat is:

Whence \[-p pathvar\] file1 \[file2 ... filen\]


-p pathvar specifies an environment variable that contains folder paths. If omitted, the PATH environment variable is used.

Filex is one or more files that you wish to locate, specified with or without their extension.

NOTE: I have amended the script to use the executable extensions in the PATHEXT environment variable.

NOTE: If you specify a Filex without an extension, files with any executable extension, and no extension, are located.

NOTE: If you specify a Filex with an extension, only Filex is tried.


whence kernel32.dll                    returns     C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\KERNEL32.DLL

whence regedit notepad explorer        returns     C:\WINDOWS\REGEDIT.EXE

whence sleep filever                   returns     C:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools\sleep.exe
                                                   C:\Program Files\Support Tools\filever.exe
Whence.bat contains:
@echo off
if _%1 

_ goto :error set P=PATH if not %1

-p goto :doit shift if _%1

_ goto :error set P=%1 shift if _%1

_ goto :error :doit set ext=%PATHEXT:;= % :next_file set file=%1 set files=%files% %file% call :exts %ext% shift if not _%1

_ goto :next_file for %%F in (%files%) do ( if not _%%~$%P%:F

_ echo %%~$%P%:F ) goto :end :exts if _%1 == _ goto :EOF set files=%files% %file%%1 shift goto exts :error echo usage: %0 \[ -p pathvar \] file ... :end endlocal

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