JSI Tip 7482. How do I display a device Properties dialog box from a command-line?

To display a device Properties dialog box from a command line, type:

rundll32.exe devmgr.dll,DeviceProperties_RunDLL /MachineName "<\\ComputerName>" /DeviceID "<device instance Id>"


<\\ComputerName> is null for the local computer.

"<device instance Id>" is stored in the enum key of the registry, as in Value Name 0 at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Disk\Enum,
which contains SCSI\\Disk&Ven_PERC&Prod_Array&Rev_V1.0\\6&b8a65b&0&400 on my workstation, or from the Device Manager Detail tab.

NOTE: The quote marks around the <device instance Id> are required if there is a space or an ampersand (&) in the string.

NOTE: See the Type Value Name for driver entries, or DRIVERQUERY.

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