JSI Tip 7480. FI freeware is a DIR alternative that provides date and size filtering, security information, and more.


Download FI.zip, an alternative to the DIR command, which provides file age and size filtering, security, device, alternate data streams, and file link information.

When you type fi /?, you receive:

Version 0.13, Copyright (C)2002, Frank P. Westlake.
Prints a list of files.

FI \[options\] file\[s\]   options\]  file\[s\] \[. . .

 file\[s\]  May include wild cards. Use the current directory indicator (.) to
          refer to a directory, ex: FI C:\temp\.

Options, must precede 'file\[s\]':
 /A         Attribute filter, Prints only the files with specified attributes.
              Ex: /A+SH-R  (prints only the files with S and H but without R)
 /B         Prints only the file name.
 /C         Format numbers with a separator (default). Use /-C to disable.
 /D         Print information on the device, for example: /D C: or \\. /G\[A|C|W\]""value\[/divisor\]
            Filters files by age in days. If '/divisor' is given, the day value
            is divided by that value (i.e. /24 for hours, /1440 for minutes).
              A=last access, C=creation, W=last write. Default is W.
 /H         Include alternate data stream names. Printed as 'file:stream'.
 /L         Include link index and the number of links as first two columns.
 /Q         Include owner in brief listing or SIDs in verbose listing.
 /S         Displays files in specified directory and all subdirectories.
            Print the time stamp of the file (default). Use /-T to disable. If
            'G' is included print age instead of time.
              A=last access, C=creation, W=last write. Default is W.
              Examples: /TC  /TCG  /-T
 /V         Print detailed information for each file.
 /X         Use short file names.
            Filters files by size (default). Use /-Z to disable printing of
            file size.

The hyphen may be used to reverse the effect of an option.

Comparison operators must be quoted somehow: /z"="0 "/z=0" /"z=0"

Swirches may be predefined in an environment variable with the name of this
program, for example 'SET FI.EXE=/LHQ-C'. The program name may vary.

Codes displayed with trustee rights \[T:RWXDPO:PDF+\]:
T=Either "Allows" or "Denies" the displayed permissions.
R=Read, W=Write, X=Execute, D=Delete, P=Permissions write, O=Owner write.
P=Primary object, D=Directories inherit, F=Files inherit, +=Propagated


  FI "/g>7" /ash-r C:\WINNT\*.exe
  FI "/z=0" C:\WINNT\*.exe

Scripting Example

If you wanted to delete all the files in the C:\Folder directory whose last write date is greater than 30 days:
for /f "Tokens=*" %%f in ('fi /A-d /b /gw">"30 C:\Folder\*.*') do del /q "%%f"

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