JSI Tip 7475. VerInfo freeware displays a files version information.

Download verinfo12.zip, unzip the archive, and copy VerInfo.exe to a folder in your path.

When I typed verinfo %systemroot%\notepad.exe on my Windows XP desktop, I received:

****    VerInfo v1.2 Copyright (c) 1999  Károly Kálmán    ****

***     C:\WINDOWS\notepad.exe

File Description  : Notepad
File Version      : 5.1.2600.0 (xpclient.010817-1148)
Internal Name     : Notepad
Original File Name: NOTEPAD.EXE
Product Name      : Microsoft« Windows« Operating System
Product Version   : 5.1.2600.0
Company Name      : Microsoft Corporation
Legal Copyright   : ¬ Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

File Size         : 64 KBytes

Creation Time     : August/29/2002   5:0
Modification Time : August/29/2002   5:0
Last Access Time  : November/21/2003   4:56
The ReadMe file contains:

              VerInfo Copyright (c) 1999 K roly K lm n 


   The VerInfo program is a small utility which allows you to obtain
 the version information resources from a given file. Version 
 information resources can be found in almost every PE structured 
 Win32 file (.exe,.dll,.vxd,.drv,...) and they contain data about the
 purpose of the file, the author of the file, etc..  These kind of
 information are very useful in that case when you wish to know what
 a file is used for, who wrote it, when, etc.

 Usage :

   verinfo filename.ext

   (e.g. verinfo hpcdv.dll)

 \[ In that rarely case when you see blank spaces after every 
   property of a file (e.g. File Name, File Description, etc.),
   the file is built with a linker that VerInfo doesn't understand;
   then you might try to use another program to access the Version
   Information record. \]

 Contact :

   WWW   : www.extra.hu/winmem/utilities.html
   email : [email protected]

 Status :

   VerInfo is FREEWARE provided you DO NOT make any modifications 
   in the program or in the documentation.

   This program has been tested very thoroughly, but the author
   DOES NOT warrant that VerInfo is free from errors.


   THANK YOU for using VerInfo.

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