JSI Tip 7473. When you upgrade to Windows 2000 Server Indexing Service, custom catalogs created in earlier versions are lost?

The Windows 2000 Indexing Service has two catalogs by default, System and Web. The Indexing Service is part of the core operating system, and indexes physical directories as well as Web content.

Custom catalogs created by Index Server 2.0, and earlier, are lost.

To create a new catalog:

1. Right-click My Computer and press Manage.

2. Expand Services and Applications.

3. Right-click Indexing Service and press New and Catalog.

4. Enter the name of the catalog in the Name field and enter the location of the catalog file, such as C:\Catalogs.

5. Right-click Indexing Service and press Stop.

6. Right-click Indexing Service and press Start.

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