JSI Tip 7376. Freeware service pack, hotfix, and installation source integrator.

In tip 7365, Microsoft explained How can I integrate security patches, critical updates, and hotfixes that use Update.exe into their Windows installation source files.

The Windows Compact Disk Management Script (WINCDMAN) page contains:


Create a script that handles all the necessary upgrades one might want to do with a Windows NT/2000/XP CD.

Automated Process:

Copy CD install(s) to temporary location.
Slip Stream service pack into installation.
Extract hot-fixes and service packs.
Remove irrelevant hot-fix files.
Integrate hot-fix files into CD install.
Recompile necessary cabinet files.
Extract the disk boot images (if multi-boot).
Edit the disk boot images (if multi-boot).
Remove setup prompt for CD-Key (if desired and possible).
Find any duplicate files (i.e. TEST.EX_ and TEST.EXE)
Compress any new files.
Create the ISO image.
Burn the CD with a working boot sector.

Proposed Solution:

The script will handle all the necessary file operations for slipstreaming a Windows 2000 single / multi-boot CD and integrating any hot-fixes in it. The script is written in batch code using a collection of utilities and Windows Command Extensions (won't work under Win 9X).

NOTE:: This script edits the necessary files via hex code on the fly, so it may work with Windows NT and XP already. It should work regardless of what service pack you're installing. You may experience problems if you attempt to upgrade an already personalized CD --- this uses date comparison as the method of upgrading from hot-fix files and using cdimage.exe wrongly (as some sites instruct) will encode a false modified date onto CDs. This script maintains the structure of the Windows installation, keeping actual modified file date.

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