JSI Tip 7360. When you Print Target in Internet Explorer, only a blank page prints?

When you right-click a hyperlink on a Web page and press Print Target, only a blank page prints.

This problem will occur if the target document is an Adobe Acrobat PDF file, or a Microsoft Office document, and the Browse in same window box is NOT checked.

NOTE: This problem should NOT occur if the latest Service Pack for Internet Explorer 6 is installed.

To workaround this behavior, the following procedure should be performed for each of the following file types:


1. Close all instances of Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer / My Computer.

2. Open My Computer or Windows Explorer.

3. On the Tools menu, press Folder Options.

4. Select the File Types tab.

5. Select one of the above file types.

6. Press the Advanced button.

7. Check the Browse in same window box and press OK.

8. When all of the above types have been configured, press the OK to close the Folder Options dialog.

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